Brief Musing & Comment on 2008 Election Post

I get an email every weekday from A.Word.A.Day – I love words and have enjoyed this particular effort. The words each week are based around a theme and the theme for this week of the inauguration of a new President is words used by Barak Obama in his books and speeches. As a preface to the weeks’ words, the website’s author, Anu Garg, wrote this:

Obama is to be commended for his accomplishments. We’ve come a long way in this country. But we still have far to go before we can call ourselves truly unbiased. Real progress will be when any capable person can have a fair chance at winning the highest office, even someone who happens to be, say, a black gay vegan atheist woman.

Anything is possible… but don’t hold your breath.

I watched some inauguration programming on Sunday afternoon and there was a lot coming from black history, again supporting how far they’ve come and what Obama stands for in their minds, hearts and hopes. But Anu Garg reiterates what I was commenting on in my “Reflections on the 2008 Election.”