Week #15 Genealogy Blogging Prompt

Week 15. List some vital signs. Talk about specific birth, marriage and death certificates. Topics may include misspelled names, fudged dates, other anomalies that stand out in your records.

The two major family lines my daughter has worked the hardest on are my mother’s parents, Jacob Lineberry and Eva Keithley. One of her first roadblocks was with Eva’s grandfather’s marriage records. Kay had discovered his name was Enoch Keithley and that he married Amy Turner in Wisconsin; however, it took a really creative volunteer to find this one. Apparently the recorder had written the marriage record down by sound and had elided the ‘k’ sound in both the beginning of Keithley and the ending sound in Enoch to record the name as Enoch Ethley.

Then, in attempting to find the maiden name of my great grandmother, on a trip to Illinois we got copies of my grandmother’s birth certificate as well as her sister, Violet’s. Both Violet’s birth certificate and death certificate listed the mother’s maiden name as Martha A. Jester while Eva’s birth certificate listed the mother’s maiden name as Marrah Ketheley McCoon – the word at the beginning of the second line isn’t very clear, but Kay thinks it is probably Mother. Property records for the time period of Eva’s birth show her father’s wife’s name to be Martha Ann, which would lead us to expect both Violet and Eva to have the same mother.

Eva Keithley's birth certificate was poorly maintained in the court records.

Eva Keithley's birth certificate was poorly maintained in the court records.

Violet and Eva’s brother, Leo, was born ten months after Eva, also in Fairview, Illinois, but we did not find his birth certificate in the Fulton County records. That might have cleared up our mystery. Kay has recorded the following notes of all the variations in the records she has found so far:

“Martha A. Jester is the name listed on Violet’s birth and death certificate as her mother.

“On Eva’s birth certificate it indicates her mother was Marrah McCoon.

“On Mabel’s [another sister born six years after Eva] marriage certificate her mother’s name was Marth Ann Poren

“Also, have heard her last name was Conn

“The spelling may be Porten, Porter?

“According to Clyde Todd’s [Violet’s grandson] notes:  ‘Violet’s Mother’s maiden name was Patton.  Violet was born 4 Nov 1881 in Peoria, Il.  Violet’s uncle was James A Patton (according to my dad).’ [*Note: Amy Turner Keithley’s sister Mary married a James Patton and was a great uncle to Violet.  I wonder if that is where this name variation comes from.]

“From the land purchases that Joseph made I know that he was married about 1880 to a Martha Ann, she may be the mother of several of the children.

“Marriage record at the Los Angeles County Vital Statistics office:  Catherine I. Sweetman and Leo Keithley were married 2 Nov. 1907. His father is listed as J. H. Keithley of WI. His mother is Martha Conn of NE. His age is listed as 22yrs. born in Illinois and he was a baker. They were married by a Pres.  Clergyman. It is in Book #92 page 39 of the marriage records.”

Kay wrote on her blog a timeline of her search for the maiden name of my great grandmother – the net result of all of this is, we still don’t have a clear idea of who my great great grandmother was.

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  1. Oh my God!! How complicated is that??? Just goes to show how various branches of your family can all have different versions of the same truth.

  2. Very nicely done! Your post laid out everything nicely. I have a similar situation that I hope I can put into words half as well. Good luck on your continued hunt! The answers are out there somewhere.

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