Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – Birthday Fun Facts

Genea-Musings Saturday Night Fun is to pay a visit to Paul Sadowski’s website and play with the birthday calculator (after visiting the Bad Jokes page. All I can say about the bad joke is that it was (it was fairly long and not even worth repeating in part ).

The birthday calculator was more entertaining. Five facts I didn’t know about my birthday include: 1) my parents were apparently amorously involved on about Saturday September 30 of the year before I was born; 2) my plant is the Wild Rose; 3) my Jewish birthdate is 16 Sivan 5700; 4) I am 2,175,533,571 seconds old (a number that reminds me of the national debt); and 5) my lucky day is Monday. The one fact I did know (other than my birthstone) was that my opposite is Capricorn – because I was married to one for a long time and you know what they say about opposites attracting.

As to the meaning of my name, at least as far as numbers are concerned, my number is 7. I must say that fits my self-perception quite nicely.  In the sort of summary list of the characteristics of 7s, the words analysis, understanding, knowledge, awareness, studious and meditating are used. It is quite true that I love to study – period; it makes little difference what it is as long as it interests me (my daughter’s blog is a little indication she would agree with me). The third number, my Inner Dream number, is 3, which apparently means I dream of artistic expression: writing, painting, music.  That is probably pretty accurate – I have a degree in opera performance and have sung nearly my whole life. I also write.

The other number I do not think fits me well. It suggests my Soul Urge number (whatever that may be) is 4, which states I would strive for a stable life and one that is well ordered. That would be almost my opposite. I would describe me as flexible and adaptable; in fact, my son-in-law calls me Semper Gumby (the Marines are Semper Fi [always faithful] while I am always flexible. I would interpret stable and well-ordered as boring and settling for the status quo while I love and strive for variety, fun, excitement and beauty.