Measuring Cups – Treasure Chest Thursday

Nested Metal Measuring Cups

I’ve had my Mother’s nested metal measuring cups for quite some time – I don’t know when or where she got them nor do I remember when she gave them to me or why.  All I know is I don’t remember a time when they weren’t a part of our kitchen.

Mother talked several times about going shopping with Daddy for groceries and a few household necessities when they first set up housekeeping. Mother had a great memory for small details and her story included the total expenditure for all their initial household setup, though I no longer remember the amount. Mother had experienced the depression when affording supplies of all kinds was very difficult so I suppose being able to buy everything she needed to establish her home was a momentous event. I would guess the cups were a part of that initial purchase in December 1938.

They were made of some sort of metal that has rusted over the years, most likely after I started washing them in the dishwasher. I searched online for any information about the origins of measuring cups or the materials that might have been used or the manufacturer but I didn’t find anything [other than one Ebay sale of only two pieces of a set that looks like Mother’s].

Though I have a set of yellow Tupperware nested measuring cups I used for a good portion of my years as a married housewife and mother, I now most frequently use Mother’s, probably because of the connection I feel to her when I do.


Update December 2014:  These are now in Kay’s (Relative Storyboard) home.

2 Responses

  1. I’m glad you told me. I wouldn’t have recognized them though I do have a vague recollection of seeing something like them in Grammy’s cabinet.

  2. Mickey and I talked the other day about them and I knew you wouldn’t know they were important; so I took photos to email you. Then I got your “hint-hint” email and thought – OK, I’ll do a post instead.

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