Pictures – Treasure Chest Thursday

In approximately 1946 in Gainesville, Texas, Mother bought two framed pictures that hung in our home until she gave them to me, probably in 1965 when she married Roy Billings and moved into his home. I have always loved the photos, though they are very different in style from any other pictures I’ve ever had; over the next few years, as we bought new pieces of furniture (and even carpeting)  for the living area, I chose colors in the muted to dark greens or honey colored accent pieces to coordinate with the colors in the prints.

The pictures were originally in small wood frames with no matting. In the middle 1970s, my then husband decided to try his hand at framing pictures. He purchased the materials from a Durham framing shop – narrow wood framing with a rich dark green in the center, cream-colored mat with a gold layer underneath, the butcher-type paper for the backing, small hooks and wires for hanging. Though Wayne mostly thought and behaved in scientific mode, when he occasionally ventured into the more artistic world, he always did a credible job, as he did with these two heirloom pictures. They still hang in a prominent spot on my living room wall.

Update December 2014: This items are in Wayne Brown’s  possession.