UPDATE: Let’s Have a Party!

In reviewing one of the responses to Randy’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun, I found another method to search my software for specific information. This method netted 95 people born on June 22, including two born on the same day that I was. Four of those were duplicates [an excuse to clean up some of the database] and once I eliminated those not directly related to me (this is a database I combined with that of a 4th cousin once removed to get the combined database on one part of my father’s family that now has 89,605 people in it), I was still left with 42 people to invite to my party – well, one of those really isn’t directly related but since he was actually born on the same day as me, how could I not invite him! Here is my guest list:

Since several of these people are no longer living and the party will therefore have to be a ‘ghost party,’ I’m thinking it’s appropriate to have this party on Halloween rather than waiting for June. So, so pick a graveyard nearby and – Let’s Party!


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