My Heritage Pie and Bar Charts – Great-Great-Grandparents

I was busy in research mode on Saturday and didn’t take the time to look at Randy Seaver’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun but decided to give another aspect [I find the research part fun] of genealogy fun  a try this morning. Although we have spent much time [and distance] searching for my mother’s mother’s grandparents, we have been totally unsuccessful in locating any information. Here are the names and dates of what we now know of the births, marriages [listed for each couple under the great-great-grandmothers’ information]  and deaths of my great-great-grandparents:

16. William Jabez Willis was born about 1805 in South Carolina, possibly the Spartanburg vicinity. He died in Fayette County, Alabama about April 1855.

17. Amy Edith Collins was born February 14, 1826 in Spartanburg, South Carolina. She married my great-grandfather after the death of his wife (her sister) in Fayette County, Alabama in about 1850. She lived as a widow for around 50 years and died in Fayette County, Alabama sometime between the 1900 and 1910 censuses.

18. John Buckner was born about 1832 in Franklin County, Tennessee. He lived in both Blount County and Fayette County, Alabama before enlisting in the 41st Alabama Infantry for the Civil War. He died in Charleston, Bradley, Tennessee.

19. Nancy M. Foster was born in Alabama, perhaps Blount County, July 2, 1838. She and my great-grandfather married February 1, 1855 in Blount County, Alabama. She also lived in Fayette County, Alabama and Holly Springs, Marshall, Mississippi before moving to Wise County, Texas where she was living at the time of her death December 18, 1917.

20. Robert Welch was born September 3, 1833 in South Carolina and died about December of 1861 in Fayette County, Alabama.

21. Sarah A. Farquhar was about 1833 in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama and died before 1910, likely still living in Fayette County, Alabama where I last found her on a census.

22. Asa L. Sanford was born August 7, 1825 in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama and died March 24, 1907 April 24, 1907 in Moore’s Bridge, Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

23. Martha Ann Jean was born February 1826 in Tennessee. She was the second wife of my great-grandfather, having married him on April 30, 1850 in Lincoln County, Tennessee, following the death of his first wife (her sister) a few months before. Martha Ann died October 20, 1911 in Moore’s Bridge, Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

24. Jacob P. Lineberry was born about 1811 in Grayson County, Virginia and died May 13, 1887 in Carroll County, Virginia.

25. Piety Thomas Smith was born December 9, 1810 in Granville County, North Carolina. She married my great-great-grandfather on November 4, 1833 in Grayson County, Virginia and died in Carroll County, Virginia on October 25, 1885.

26. Thomas Harmon was born about 1819 in Carroll County, Virginia and died October 17, 1897 also in Carroll County, Virginia.

27. Delilah Davis was born about 1818 in Grayson County, Virginia. She and my great-great-grandfather were married August 15, 1838 in Carroll County, Virginia. Delilah died on November 5, 1888 in Hillsville, Carroll, Virginia.

28. Enoch M. Keithley was born April 5, 1831 in Missouri. He lived in Illinois and Wisconsin before enlisting in the Civil War in 1862. He died at Pittsburg Landing, Hardin, Tennessee from illness during the Battle at Shiloh about May 8, 1862.

29. Amy Turner was born May 15, 1835 in Sharonville, Hamilton, Ohio. She and my great-great-grandfather were married on August 29, 1852 in New Diggins, Lafayette, Wisconsin. She  died in Lewistown, Fulton, Illinois on May 16, 1912.

30 and 31 are unknown. My great-grandmother [maiden name Conn] was born in Ohio, married in Chicago, Cook, Illinois and died in either Missouri or Kansas and what we have found so far would indicate Ohio or Pennsylvania as possible locations for her parents’ births.

Birth locations of my great-great-grandparents:

South Carolina – 3
Alabama – 3
Tennessee – 2
Virginia – 3
North Carolina – 1
Missouri – 1
Ohio – 1
Pennsylvania [guess] – 1

I thought it might be interesting to see what changes migratory patterns caused. Death locations of my great-great-grandparents were [two totally unknown]:

Alabama – 6
Tennessee – 2 [Civil War Casualties]
Virginia – 4
Texas – 1
Illinois – 1