Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – Father’s Mother’s Patrilineal Line

It’s Saturday night – time for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun. The question tonight is about my father’s mother’s patrilineal line – who was your father’s mother’s father … and his father’s father’s father as back as I can go. Then name my father’s mother’s male siblings followed by any known living male descendants [to see who might be available to provide a YDNA sample].

My father’s mother was Mellie Jane Welch Willis (1879-1938). She was born in Moore’s Bridge, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama to William Thomas Welch (1860-1939) and Mary Monroe ‘Mollie’ Sanford (1857-1931).

Mellie’s patrilineal line was:

  1. William Thomas Welch (1860-1939), born in Fayette County, Alabama
  2. Robert Welch (1828-1961), born in South Carolina
  3. Elisha ‘Eli’ Welch (1790-1853), born in South Carolina

Mellie’s brothers were:

  1. James William (1881-1955)
  2. Nathan Asa (1883-1975)
  3. Jessie Ellis (1888-1978

Mellie’s nephews or grandnephews with the Welch surname known or believed to still be living:

  • James Larry Welch
  • William ‘Lanny’ Welch
  • Robert Gerald Welch
  • Nathan Warren Welch
  • Robert Welch
  • Larry G. Welch



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