My Doll With Hair

Me with my doll with hair

Me with my doll with hair

Christmas of 1921 Mother asked for a doll with hair but she didn’t get it. Her Mother died a few days later and that doll with hair apparently took on mammoth proportions in her mind. I was 4 or 5 when she got me a pretty doll with hair. My cousin, Lois, called me August 19, 2007 regarding Mother’s recent death. We talked about family and in that conversation she mentioned my having a doll with hair. She said she and Betty didn’t even know there was such a thing as a doll with hair until they saw mine. [I assume they felt about the same as Mother did when she didn’t get her doll with hair; it’s now been over 60 years and it is still a strong memory in her mind and Betty has mentioned it to me as well.] I told her about Mother’s request for such a doll in 1921 and Lois said she thought that was a totally new thing when I got mine (in other words, they thought I was probably the first child in the world to be given a doll with hair).

After my daughter read my story about the doll last year she commented: “In the hall closet on the top shelf in a sack was this really cool doll with very curly, brown hair. The doll was in pieces but I wanted to play with it anyway. Grandma would pull it down and let me play with it, she would tell me that that was my mother’s doll when she was little. Grandma promised to give me that doll when I was older. I have no recollection of ever having been given the doll nor do I know where it is. I hope to come across that doll one day, I will have it repaired.”

Although Mother had the broken parts to my doll in a sack in a drawer in her hall when Kay was a girl, by the time  she moved into a senior citizen apartment the parts had apparently been lost.

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  1. Welcome to Geneabloggers!
    I love your story. It’s amazing how certain dolls can hold such a strong place in our hearts. My mom has told me that when she was growing up in a very large family in depression-era New Brunswick a store-bought doll was something she had received only once in her life.
    When I was little she bought me a beautiful doll. I still have the head but the rubber/plastic arms fell apart a long time ago. My children know it’s precious to me – but they think the doll’s head (sans body) looks a little creepy!
    If you’d like to see it before it fell apart go to my site and type “beautiful doll” in the Search box.
    Evelyn in Montreal

    • Hi Evelyn, I recognize your name from your responding to my daughter’s post [Kay B’s Place}. Another story I will likely tell at another time is my mother’s story about her doll with hair. After her mother died when she 7, about the only thing she took with her when she and her siblings were sent to live with family in Virginia was that doll. The family she lived with took the baby doll’s clothes to give to their infant daughter; all mother had left was the doll’s undergarments which she kept in her own underwear drawer until she finally gave them to Kay to keep for family memories a few years before she died when she was 93. Today, that doll’s undergarments have a place of honor in Kay’s glass curio cabinet. I will visit your site and look at the doll. Thanks for your comment.

  2. This all reminds me of the movie The Red Violin which traces the history of the object through several generations!

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